Photo Booths For Bars And Restaurants: 5 Reasons Yours Needs One

Photo Booths For Bars And Restaurants: 5 Reasons Yours Needs One

At first glance, it might sound strange to find photo booths in bars or restaurants. Do people snap a photo in between courses, you might ask? Or, will guests stop to say cheese on their way to the bar?

Well, we know the answer. And by looking a little deeper you will too. You’ll see that there are many benefits that photo booths can bring to your hospitality venue. Everything from improving customer retention to increasing your social media presence, photo booths for bars can add real value to the whole spectrum of your business.

So – here’s our whistle-stop tour of why photo booths for bars and restaurants really are as well-matched as a pie and ale!


  1. Build your Social Media presence

One of the greatest benefits of photo booths is that they take some of the marketing work off your hands! As a busy business owner, you might not always have time to keep a steady stream of Social Media content going out the door, week in, week out. By adding a photo booth to your venue, and adding your Socials and company hashtag to the printouts the customer receives, you’re encouraging them to engage with you online!  And by monitoring that activity, you can hop on and simply re-share the post with your own caption. Easy, free marketing activity that encourages customer retention and raises awareness of your business to a new audience too!


2. Enhance your branding

Adding a photo booth to your business is a great way of enhancing your branding. Why? Because at VendNation, we work together with our clients to develop a design that is exactly the right fit for your venue. We’ve worked on everything from Ball Park, an adults arcade in a converted warehouse in Birmingham, to The Aviary – an all-out glamour rooftop bar in the heart of the City of London. What’s more, it’s not only the exterior of the booth that’s made to fit – but the printouts too. These snappy shots will be covered in your bar’s branding – and you can even add offers to the back of the photo to keep people coming back too.


3. Photo booths for bars add fun, it’s that simple!

Sometimes, what more of an excuse do you need in life than simple fun? Photo booths for bars and restaurants will deliver your customers fun in abundance! Our team can help you map out the floor plan of your venue to get the location exactly right. We can provide you with insight into the experience of previous partners, and where they have found the best position in order to get the maximum use of the machine. This way you can be sure that your customers will easily find the photo booth, and capture their evening – whether it’s a family meal or a girls night out!


4. Put profit in your pocket

A pretty compelling reason to put a photo booth into your bar or restaurant is of course the chance to add some growth to your bank balance. At VendNation, we’re proud to be one of the only companies offering our partners a profit share on every single photo taken. And remember, there are no upfront costs for a fully branded photo booth – not even in the design process! That means it’s win-win because it’s entirely profit-led. We have a smooth and efficient admin team too who are responsible for ensuring invoices are paid to each of our partner venues on time each and every month! It’s like clockwork.


5. Photo booths for bars to build your customer data

Did you know that we also install every one of our machines with GDPR-compliant data capture that feeds directly into your own CRM system? Yep, that’s right. Each time a customer users your machine they will need to enter their email address in order to download a digital copy of the photo. What that means for you is that every time that happens, you’re growing your marketing data base. So as soon as offers come around and you want to reach people you know have already been in your bar or restaurant, there you have it – they are there waiting for you!


So – that’s that! What more could you need to decide whether a photo booth is the right choice for your business! And if you’d like to discuss any of that – then drop us a message direct and we’ll have your booth booked into our workshop and turned around in just three weeks!

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Say hello to your smartest move yet. Give us the go ahead and we’ll turnaround your branded photo booth in just 3 weeks.

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