For a venue with as much personality as Ball Park Birmingham, home to a giant ball pit and slide, shuffle board tables, ping pong, arcade games, plus Instagrammable cocktails and street food, we knew it essential that we reflected that coolness and edge when it came to creating their custom built photo booth.

You’ll find the venue in Digbeth, Birmingham, inside an old refurbished warehouse. The team behind Ball Park have ingeniously decided that the way to create the right vibe for what is essentially an adult play centre, is to opt for graffiti art both outside and inside their space, hiring a local street artist to complete the masterpiece for them.

The result is a fantastic one, giving punters an instantaneous sense of fun once they cross over from car park to ball park. So of course, our challenge was matching that vibe, creating a photo booth that will get noticed, even in a venue where the every inch is awash with colour and vibrancy.


How did we do it?

Thankfully at VendNation our in-house design team aren’t shy of a challenge. Using the latest design technology, our team were able to use the existing graffiti designs within Ball Park – and manipulate those into a new design for the photo booth. We used the age-old smiley – a cheeky nod to the photo booths actual purpose – but kept it cool, colourful and contemporary.

The end outcome? The team behind Ball Park thrilled with what we came up with. The photo booth takes pride of place amongst all of the other exciting entertainment inside the converted warehouse, and has already helped the business add a substantial new income stream to their venue.