For a venue as chic and iconic as The Aviary – a rooftop bar in central London with commanding views of the City skyline – we needed to brand and design a photo booth with as much style and sleekness as its host.

Set several floors up in a modern glass skyscraper, The Aviary is class personified. Whether guests are enjoying sipping a cocktail or two, and taking in the views over an artisan lunch – the venue is certainly impressive. As a brand, the team behind The Aviary use a peacock – alongside other animals donned in suits – and have adopted a classic bird cage iconography as part of their logo.

So, the challenge to us was to create a photo booth that incorporated that classic brand and style, with enough eye-grabbing attention to ensure the machine stood out and blended in.

How did we do it?

We decided a classic gold hue would be the perfect colour for this classy photo booth, accompanied by a bright white neon sign. Then, working with The Aviary’s own branding team, we transferred their iconic peacock logo across both sides of the booth – ensuring when guests spot the machine, they are reminded of exactly where they are.

The result? This sleek booth looks right at home, the perfect addition for capturing moments 18 floors up into London’s skyline. 


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