Why branded photo booths are suited to more than just club venues

When you think of a branded photo booth, it’s not unusual to think exclusively of club venues. With groups of friends and smiling faces, it’s perhaps the most obvious setting for a machine that captures moments and memories. However, at VendNation we are starting to see an increase in venues outside of the nightclub scene approach us for a branded photo booth for their business.

From playcentres to pubs, our client list is growing. So to help understand more about how we tailor our photo booths to clients who don’t own a dancefloor, here’s our top 3 ways we have made our booths more accessible and adaptable for all businesses.


1. Choose from custom features

We work hard to make our booths adaptable for a variety of users and venues. That means if your customers are little ones, under a certain height – then we can drop the seat a little lower. Or if you’re setting is light and bright – we can create a black out curtain to ensure your photos are just as premium quality as they would be in a darker club venue. It’s our way of making sure that our custom-built photo booth are fit for purpose, wherever they are headed.

2. Branded or unbranded, your choice

Whilst many of our club venues opt for a branded photo booth so that it stands out in a dimly lit room, we appreciate that style isn’t suited to all of our clients. If you’re a pub with a certain kind of aesthetic, or a restaurant with a distinctive look and feel – it might be that you’d prefer to avoid going all out on branding. That’s why we have created a sleek unbranded option for our photo booths. You can now opt for a block colour booth, black or white – so that the machine blends seamlessly into the rest of your premises.

3. Easy-to-use functionality

Our photo booth software has been trialled and tested many times over so that it’s as easy-to-use as it possibly can be. We’ve done this to ensure that younger, or in fact – much older users, can operate our machines as easily as the club goers. Now you can print a photo in as little as three clicks, without the need to navigate through an extensive menu. So whether it’s you or you customers who feel apprehensive of the tech skills that could be required to get the machine working – that needn’t be a worry. Plus, with speed dial support to VendNation HQ we are always on hand to help with any questions or support.


We hope that our quick guide on why branded photo booths are suited to more than just club venues has helped give you more of an understanding on the top three ways we have made our photo booths adaptable. Plus, if you have any specific requirements or alterations that could help to make our photo booth more suited to your specific business, then we are always happy to hear them. Get in touch and discover how you could get a free, photo booth installed in your venue in as little as three weeks and start earing 40% of the profits.

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