How do business photo booths work? The Ultimate 8-Step Guide.

How do business photo booths work? The Ultimate 8-Step Guide.

Discover the ultimate 8-step guide to business photo booths for clubs, bars and many more types of venues – without any upfront cost.

If you’re an owner or manager of a nightclub, restaurant or bar in the UK, then you might already be aware of photo booths for venues like yours. Photo booths for bars and clubs are becoming increasingly popular in a range of hospitality outlets, and there are several reasons why.

First, let’s chat about the aspect of a nightclub photo booth that you might already know. It’s branded just as your business is, from the photo prints to the external wrap design; you earn a profit percentage from every photo taken; and it’s a great way of generating customer retention. But what you might not know about a business photo booth – is that when you choose a VendNation photo booth, there is absolutely zero upfront cost.


So, here’s how a VendNation business photo booth works from the initial call to the final install:


Step 1: Chat to our dedicated team

At VendNation, we have a dedicated service team who are responsible for responding to all enquiries related to our bespoke bar photo booths. Once you submit a query via our online contact form, a member of the team will be in touch directly to chat you through the next steps


Step 2: Recieve your contract

After your initial conversation with our team, we’ll begin to draft a contract for your business. Within the pages of that document, we’ll declare specifics such as how much profit share we are agreed on once the nightclub photo booth is in your venue.


Step 3: Begin design your nightclub photo booth

Once the contract is signed, next comes the exciting part. You’ll now work directly with our specialist artwork designer, responsible for creating your one-of-a-kind business photo booth. The important part to note here is that this comes at absolutely no cost to you – a VendNation photo booth is customised as standard, across every element of the machine and experience: from the photo prints to the external wrapping.


Step 4: Approve the photo booth designs

You’ll now receive all of the design files you need to approve your custom bar or nightclub photo booth. Once you’re confident that the final design is well matched to the brand of your business and the interior of your venue – we’ll next begin the build.


Step 5: Secure a slot in our workshop

At VendNation, it takes less than 3 weeks for a custom-built business photo booth to pass through our in-house workshop. Built by our expert team, the machine is carefully put together by hand, and then thoroughly tested before it’s signed off by our directors and packaged up and ready for you.


Step 6: Decide on deliver and demo

When your business photo booth is ready for shipping, we’ll get in touch to arrange the best time for the delivery, installation and demo. This is the part where we ensure the booth fits exactly where and how you want it, and that you’re comfortable with how to operate the photo booth for your club or bar.


Step 7: Get paid every month!

Then, like clockwork – we’ll pay your business monthly based on the usage of the machine and the agreed profit share split, as set out in your contract.


Step 8: Receive speed dial support

We also don’t stop there, because we ensure that your business photo booth is serviced and maintained so that you don’t have to worry about software updates or paper refills – however, just in case you do need us, we provide each of our partner venues with a dedicated support line straight to VendNation.


So there you have it, the ultimate 8-step guide to business photo booths for clubs, bars and many more types of venues. It’s truly a win-win, adding value to your bank balance, your marketing channels and your customer experience – without any upfront cost.

Get the ball rolling today and have a chat with our dedicated service team today.

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