Dispelling the myths behind custom-built photo booths

Dispelling the myths behind custom-built photo booths

As a top photo booth supplier, the team here at VendNation are all well versed when it comes to the preconceptions surrounding custom-built photo booths. Whether it’s cost related, concerns over customer take up, or worries about the level of technical support provided – we know that there any many factors that could deter venue owners from installing a photo booth into their premises.

So, as we enter 2022 – a year that will hopefully be significantly more fruitful for the industry than the previous two – we wanted to shed some light on these common misconceptions.

In this series, we’ll dispel the top 5 myths, showing you that a custom photo booth really is all win-win.


Myth: It’ll cost me a fortune

Wrong. A custom-built photo booth with VendNation comes at NO COST TO YOU. I repeat, that’s at no cost to you. We design, build and install your machine without it costing you a penny. Once in action, you earn 40% of the profits for every photo taken.


Myth: Invoicing will be a nightmare

Wrong again. We have a dedicated admin team who work directly with our clients every month to ensure invoices are submitted and paid swiftly and smoothly. It’s like clockwork – we promise.


Myth: It’ll promote the photo booth company, not my venue

Nope. We take the utmost pride in ensuring our photo booths only ever add your marketing and branding, rather than detracting from it. Everything from the external wrapping, to the internal software, all the way to the photo printouts, is designed by us in-house – delivering you a photo booth that is unmistakably, well – yours.


Myth: I’ll have no technical support

Not on our watch. Our technical support team is on hand daily, and we provide a direct line to our director for any out-of-hours issues. We are committed to ensuring that you have everything you need to keep your booth up and running, so that if anything should go wrong, we can give you the support you need quickly.

And on top of that, we provide regular servicing visits so that paper can be restocked, and software can be updated – before you even know they needed it.


Myth: Customers won’t pay for prints in the digital age

You’d be wrong there too. It’s no secret that smartphones have revolutionised photography over the last decade. No longer are we taking out our cannon cameras or Boots disposables – but that’s exactly the point. For many of your customers having an instant printout of their night in your venue is a true novelty, and a real keepsake.

And after the pandemic, we’ve seen an even bigger surge in people wanting to capture happy memories together with friends in our many photo booths up and down the country.


So – there you have it. Our roundup of the top 5 myths we believe surround custom-built photo booths. And, as it turns out, they are all exactly that, myths! So start the new year as you mean to go on, adding great monetary value to your business and fantastic experiential value to your customers!

The best news is, you can get your booth delivered in under 3-weeks when you chat to our team today.

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