Discover how VendNation Photo Booths enhanced the festival experience at the Bournemouth Sevens Music Festival. In this case study, we delve into the successful collaboration between VendNation and the festival, showcasing how photo booths for festivals elevate attendee engagement, create lasting memories, and generate online buzz.


Photo booths have become a sought-after addition to festivals, providing interactive and memorable experiences for attendees. VendNation, a leading provider of photo booth solutions, partnered with the Bournemouth Sevens Music Festival to take their event to the next level.


The primary goal was to enhance attendee engagement and amplify the festival’s online presence. By incorporating photo booths, the Bournemouth Sevens Music Festival aimed to create an immersive experience, foster social media buzz, and attract a wider audience for future events.


  1. Festival-Themed Branding: VendNation worked closely with the festival organizers to design photo booths that embodied the spirit of the Bournemouth Sevens Music Festival. Customized branding elements, such as graphics, colours, and musical motifs, were integrated into the booth, ensuring a cohesive festival atmosphere in every captured moment.
  2. Interactive Features: To maximize engagement, VendNation incorporated interactive features within the photo booth experience. Attendees were provided with a variety of festival-themed digital filters and effects to personalise images and add a touch of artistic flair.
  3. Seamless Social Media Sharing: Recognizing the power of social media, VendNation seamlessly integrated social sharing capabilities into photo booths. Using a QR code, festival-goers could instantly upload their photos to popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, using festival-specific hashtags or tagging the festival’s official accounts. This generated user-generated content and amplified the festival’s online reach.
  4. Memorable Keepsakes: VendNation ensured that attendees left the festival with tangible mementos of their experience. Each participant received high-quality photo prints, customised with festival branding and personalied touches. These prints acted as cherished keepsakes, fostering a lasting connection with the Bournemouth Sevens Music Festival.


  1. Enhanced Attendee Engagement: The inclusion of photo booths significantly heightened attendee engagement at the Bournemouth Sevens Music Festival. Festival-goers eagerly embraced the interactive nature of the booths, indulging in creative expression and fostering connections with fellow attendees. The photo booths served as focal points that amplified the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.
  2. Increased Social Media Reach: Through the seamless integration of social media sharing, VendNation helped the festival reach a wider online audience. Attendees enthusiastically shared their festival experiences, accompanied by festival-specific hashtags, generating a buzz and attracting attention from music enthusiasts who may not have been aware of the event previously.
  3. Strong Brand Association: The personalised photo prints, featuring the festival’s branding, created a strong association between attendees and the Bournemouth Sevens Music Festival. These keepsakes served as visual reminders of the memorable experiences, reinforcing the attendees’ connection with the festival and building loyalty for future editions.


VendNation’s collaboration with the Bournemouth Sevens Music Festival demonstrates the transformative impact of photo booths for festivals. By providing immersive experiences, facilitating social media sharing, and fostering lasting memories, photo booths enhance attendee engagement and expand the festival’s online presence. With VendNation’s photo booth solutions, festivals can create unforgettable moments and establish themselves as must-attend events in the hearts of festival-goers.