For the Tap ‘N’ Tumbler, a traditional pub in the heart of Nottingham and the home of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Alternative Rock with regular live music, we needed to create a photo booth for bars with enough grit and edge to attract even the hardiest of rockers.

Just a stone’s throw away from one of the most respected and credible live music venues in the country, and already a well-established music lover’s meeting place with long-standing rock ‘n’ roll roots, The Tap ‘n’ Tumbler, is a top destination for many looking for some classic headbanging, often to the accompaniment of live music, with bands travelling from all over the UK play here.

So, the challenge to us was to create a photo booth as kick-ass as this premier live music bar and ultimate rocker’s paradise. Creating a machine that appeals to everyone, whether you are a promising or professional musician, a music fan, or just a guest who prefers a proper good old-fashioned honest pub.


How did we do it?

We worked with the client at Tap ‘n’ Tumbler to understand the type of venue they are, and who exactly their customer base is. Once it was established that the main attraction was the live rock music offered here every week, we knew that the photo booth needed to follow that same aesthetic.

So, once the basic shell of the machine was assembled by our in-house workshop team, we then decided that the outer shell needed to be black. This way it’d blend well with the venue’s existing interior design. Next, we needed to decide how the brand name would be displayed on the outside of the photo booth. Working with the team, we decided that the style of typography that would work best would be a Gothic font, enhanced with a special effect so that the paint appeared to be dripping. We went for a hot pink colour to really set off the venue name against the black, and added a flecked effect too – ensuring that the photo booth didn’t look too box-fresh amongst a deliberately more rugged and rocky venue!

The finishing touch for this photo booth for bars was our classic neon sign, this time in eye-catching lime green. Plus of course, matching printouts and internal software, all of which will help Tap ‘n’ Tumbler grow its brand recognition throughout the local community and in the digital sphere too!


The result? Tap ‘n’ Tumbler was thrilled with the result of their brand new booth, heading straight to their Instagram channel to share the latest installation with their followers! We’re looking forward to seeing those rock ‘n’ roll nights put to print. 

Interested? Drop us a message today and enquire about your venue’s booth – which can be turned around in just 3 weeks.