Situated in Manchester’s Great Northern Warehouse in the heart of the city, you’ll find a brand new 4500 sq. ft wood-sprung roller-skate rink. Yet this is no ordinary roller skating – in fact, it’s altogether otherworldly.

The team behind Paradise Skate World has created a deep-space-inspired venue that sees revellers take to the rink and orbit around a central island bar and lounge, set to laid-back cosmic beats. Everything from the roller boots to the cocktails has absorbed the planetary theme, so when Paradise Skate World approached VendNation in search of a custom-built photo booth for their business, we knew our design would be no exception.

This business-branded photo booth would need to mirror the same incredible interior that the team has worked so hard on creating. To enter another dimension and provide its earthly visitors with a memento from their trip to this marvellous outer space world.


So, how did we create this business-branded photo booth?

From our initial conversations with the venue, we understood the logistics of the skate hall meant that the lighting would be permanently low. The luminous aesthetics found in the venue have been designed to glow in the dark, and so of course – our business-branded photo booth would also need to shine when the lights are turned down low.

Creatively, this was without a doubt one of our most exciting projects ever. There were several routes we could have gone down for this design. We could have opted for neon colours, and psychedelic shades – but we also wanted to ensure that this business-branded photo booth didn’t detract from the otherworldly aesthetic the team had worked hard on creating. It would need to be visible without being obstructive, an intergalactic pinpoint on this interplanetary landscape…

So, we thought about other ways of harmonising with the venue and the brand identity. The final inspiration came from the roller skates themselves, which are donned in highly reflective silver wrapping. The kind that bends and shifts colour when it finds the light.

After sourcing a silver photo booth wrapping to match the boots, which was also durable and hard-wearing, we sent over the designs to the team at Paradise Skate World – who keenly approved our direction. We then delivered the space theme across everything from the countdown software to the printouts.


And the result?

This business-branded photo booth was received into its intergalactic home with open arms (or tentacles…).  The team were thrilled with the outcome and has since shared its arrival across their socials. Our designer has since been invited down to the venue to see the booth in situ, and for us – it’s a match made in space…


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