Aptly named ‘Dalston’s best kept secret’ is the hip and happening bar, Daltston Roofpark. Nestled amongst Hackney’s Victorian buildings and overlooking the bustling streets of East London, this place is proudly Dalston’s only rooftop oasis, offering spectacular views over the London skyline. Once a forgotten rooftop space, then turned impromptu pop-up bar, Dalston Roofpark has grown itself into London’s most versatile rooftop venue. And punters can expect everything from the latest music acts and DJs, to bottomless brunch and sunrise yoga classes.

So, when the team there approached VendNation looking to add a business-branded photo booth to their newly refurbished, vibrant and creative space, we knew we needed to think carefully about how to install one of our machines in a way that would get noticed, without detracting from the new interiors and cool, electric atmosphere.

How did we do it?

We began by unpicking the venue’s existing branding. It’s a simple colour pallet, mixing blue and pinks into a smudged, ombre effect. The logo too is geometric and clean in its aesthetic; square in shape with a line cutting across the middle. The team at Dalston Rooftpark were clear from the off that the business-branded photo booth needed to be subtle in order to fit the tone of their business and their brand. Where some clients require a statement in the design, this team wanted quite the opposite, understanding that their customers were well-acquainted the understated cool vibe they were aiming for.

So, that’s exactly what we did. This business branded photo booth was created bespoke, wrapped in the exact branding scheme of the venue. Our expert team of designers matched the colour codes with expert precision, making sure what we installed was a carbon copy of what was briefed.

We also embedded some extra-special features in the software for Dalston Rooftpark too. Given its rooftop location, we wanted to think of ways to really enhance this prime position overlooking the London skyline. That’s why when customers go to use this machine, the prompts and countdowns on the business branded photo booth, align brilliantly with phrases such as ‘You knocked that out of the (Roof)Park!’ and ‘You’re on a higher level!’. Because clever touches like those, really do make the difference in setting one client’s bespoke booth apart from the other.

The result?

The team at Dalston Roofpark were thrilled with the end product, assuring us that they feel set up a summer of fun, high in the London sky. For them, the customisation of the software and printouts works perfectly, allowing them to tailor their business branded photo booth to the specific night of the week, from bottomless brunch to bouncing drum and base nights.

Interested? Drop us a message today and enquire about your venue’s booth – which can be turned around in just 3 weeks.