It’s difficult to imagine a more perfect setting for traditional Christmas markets than the historic Somerset city of Bath. Here, quint-essentially English buildings line cobbled streets, which lead to charming squares and pavilions across the city. The Christmas markets that pop up each here bring in visitors from across the county, country and continent – and with the pandemic pressing pause on the full-scale markets since 2019, this year’s events promised to be bigger and better than ever, coinciding with the markets’ 20th anniversary.

For opening in early November, the organiser behind the event confirmed that there would be over 170 twinkling chalets adorning the streets of Bath this year. Some of the best crafters that the South West and beyond have brought their wears to Bath, including stylish homeware, handmade jewellery, personalised presents and more. And, for this extra-special anniversary event – there would this year be a new edition to the line-up…

We were thrilled when the team behind the Bath Christmas markets approached us looking to add a custom-built VendNation photo booth to their event. Throughout the summer we’d successfully expanded our offering to festivals across the UK. This meant that when it came to installing a business-branded photo booth outside, there would be no problem. All of our electrical engineerings are watertight, and we’ve developed special exterior wrapping so that the design won’t be peal away in harsh winter weather.

The challenge then would not be on the build but rather on the design. We needed to ensure that the business-branded photo booth would be spotted easily, even in busy crowds. Whilst of course making sure that the design of the booth exterior was festive and magical, just like the Bath Christmas markets themselves…


So, how did we deliver this festive business-branded photo booth?

We wasted no time in setting our VendNation elves to work. Whilst there was no shortage of festive design ideas, our team wanted to ensure that this design would be unique to the event, rather than a cookie-cutter copy of other Christmassy booths we have done before.

So, working with the event team on the ground in Bath, we created a beautiful design that included some of the stalls themselves. A sketched-out draft revealed a wonderful wintery scene with shoppers meandering up and down the stalls, which were each lit with charming Christmas garlands. To truly set the design off, we opted for a navy background – which felt fitting for a Christmas-themed business-branded photo booth. Then, above the design, sat the event logo – a circular stamp with calligraphy style writing inside which reads ‘Bath Christmas markets’. Since the team stressed to us the importance of referencing the 20th anniversary, we weaved ‘celebrating 20 years’ into the swirling illustrations which wrapped around the text.

Finally, the business-branded photo booth was finished off with internal software which complimented this magical setting. The photo countdown was replaced with more festive wording, ‘Ho, ho, ho – you’re putting on a show!’ read one – whilst another says ‘You sleighed it… Now enjoy the festivities.’ The perfect addition to this magical project…


The result?

You only need to look as far as some of the pictures from the event to see the roaring success of this business-branded photo booth. Happy festive shoppers can be seen queueing happily in the streets for their turn to take a festive snap! As for the client – here’s what they told us:

“The photo booth was a great added extra to our event, allowing our visitors to take home a magical memento. The look of the booth perfectly matched the style of the event, and the designers were very happy to work with the artwork we had which was amazing. The staff were extremely helpful and the delivery and collection of the booth were incredibly smooth and easy. We would very much like to work with VendNation in the future.”

Speak to us today about installing a VendNation photo booth into your event – Christmassy or otherwise!