For a venue with an identity as strong Mama Roux’s – a lively bar located in the heart of
Birmingham – ensuring the photo booth reflected the brand was crucial.

When you step in the Mama Roux’s venue you know exactly where you are. That’s because the place is strewn with lilac, from the hanging floral decorations, to the purple strobe lights. So when the team there came to us for their own custom built photo booth, we needed to ensure it was one as pretty and as inviting as the place itself.

How did we do it?

We developed a brand-new design for the photo booth headed to Mama Roux. Working closely with the team we developed a soft lilac marbled effect for the wrapping, one which complimented the brand and the venue – whilst the neon photo booth sign added something new to the space and ensured it gets noticed.

The result? The team were so thrilled with the results that they had another on order before the end of the month. That’s some good going.