For MK 11 –  a funky and fun live music venue in Milton Keynes, we needed to create one of our bespoke photo booths for bars with a design cool enough to carry the unique brand identity of the venue.

Set amongst the many vibrant and happening bars in the city of Milton Keynes, MK 11 Live Music Venue plays host to a great variety of musical events each week. But it’s not just music either – live sport is played out to a large base of new and regular customers who come here seeking the energetic atmosphere and upbeat feel of the place.

So, the challenge for us was to create a unique photo booth that reflected the multifaceted nature of this brand. To make the machine at home in a venue that is a destination for everyone, from football fans to folk music lovers!


How did we do it?

We drafted in our in-house designer to work on the complex brief – stressing the importance of ensuring that the photo booth reflected the nature of this business. With that information in hand, our designer headed off to create a colourful and impressive design, using etched line style graphics. The illustrations put into the drawings accurately depicted the MK 11 venue, featuring microphones, speakers, keyboards, and multiple sports references.

For the printouts too, we were able to create different designs for each of the venue’s different weekly events, from open mic nights to champions league match days.


The result? This fun and funky photo booth was a home run, looking picture-perfect amongst the loyal audience of MK 11 Live Music Venue and Sports Bar. 


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