5 ways a branded photo booth can add to your marketing

It’s likely that you already know the obvious ways a branded photo booth can add to raising awareness of your venue. Printouts that feature your brand name clearly will of course act as a marketing tool as soon as the photo leaves your doors. But what you might not know, is that at VendNation – we’ve gone to additional lengths to make sure our booths work hard to market your venue.

So, here’s the top 5 ways our photo booths can boost your marketing opportunities.


1. GDPR Compliant Data Capture

Each of our branded photo booths comes with a GDPR data capture. This means when a customer downloads a photo from your booth, they are required to add their email address and opt into marketing communications. Once completed, this data be available to feed directly into your CRM system. You’ll then be able to add all those who use your booth to your marketing communications, promoting everything from offers to opening times. 

2. Tokens for Private Hire

VendNation is also the first company to bring dual operated photo booths to market. This gives you the option to have the same booth operated by cash, card or token at any one time. So when you promote your venue for private hire functions, you can add custom designed printouts to your list of USPs. That’s because by offering private party guests tokens to use the branded photo booth, they’ll be able to trigger printouts created just for that occasion. Whilst those who use cash, will receive your standard print. Clever, right? 

3. QR Codes for additional downloads

We wanted our photo booth printouts to go further than just hardcopies, that’s why we created QR copies. Every photo printed from your branded photo booth will come with its own unique QR code. Once scanned with a smart phone, this QR code will send the user to a custom-built site where they will be able to download the photo again and again. All with your branding and your venue name.

4. Branded software

You’ll know by now that your branded photo booth comes fully wrapped in your venues’ own identity. However, what you might not know is we carry that branding into the software too. As soon as a user flicks on your machine, all the software – from the 3,2,1 countdown to the print button, is branded to look like your company. So that from whichever angle they are looking, your photo booth is just that – yours. 

5. Realtime usage stats

At VendNation, we provide our clients with real-time usage stats. And whilst on the surface these might not feel like the best way to add your marketing, in actual fact these stats can help you get more out of your booth – and in turn boost your marketing. By understanding the times your booth takes most photos, and in what position of your venue – you’ll be able to make decisions that will help to market your venue in the best way possible. 

So, there you have it. Our top 5 ways a VendNation branded photo booth can help boost your marketing, without even mentioning printed photographs. To arrange your free branded photo booth in under a three-week turnaround, get in touch with our team of talent today.

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